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Asa Dental is certainly bucking the trend. In recent years, the company has concentrated its entire production in Italy in the quest for product quality, but also to monitor the entire production chain. Asa Dental’s quality is based on the balance between technology and artisan expertise and only by finding and harnessing Italian excellences can the winning formula be attained.
Production is concentrated in three facilities: Maniago, Marlia and Bozzano. The Maniago plant manufactures laboratory instruments such as articulators, facebows, pliers, diagnostic, restorative and surgical instruments, hand and cutting instruments with extremely high-precision plants and tools.
The Marlia plant produces impression trays, trays, occlusors, in addition to disposable items: dappens, syringes and saliva ejectors.
The facility in Bozzano performs quality tests and product check-ups, finishing processes, removal of process residues, washing and polishing.
The strict standards set forth in Asa Dental’s quality procedures and other control procedures such as the traceability of every individual lot are the best guarantee for customers who choose the company’s products.
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