SHOFU is “Always there”

Helping People around the World to Be Healthy and Attractive

Turning Traditional Craft Skills to Dentistry Maintaining Our Founder’s Spirit of Venture and Bringing Traditional Craft Techniques to the Field of Dentistry

Shofu was established in 1922, in the second half of the Taisho era, by Kajo Shofu III, a well-known member of the Kyoto ceramics industry. Although originally a ceramics maker, Kajo did not stop at traditional crafts. Rather, he went on to form the company that bears his name. Shofu was ahead of its time in the industrial mass-production of ceramics, the development and commercialization of high-voltage ceramic insulators and the development of Japan’s first artificial teeth made of ceramics (porcelain).

Since establishment in 1922, Shofu has expanded its business domain from porcelain to include dental treatment and techniques, as well as the dental materials and equipment used in preventive oral hygiene. In the process, the Company has lead Japan and the larger world with many product “firsts.” In keeping with our founder’s spirit of venture, in 1989 we became the first company in the field of dentistry to go public. Later, in 2012 we were listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Maintaining our role as a leader in the comprehensive manufacture of dental materials and equipment, we aim to contribute to the field of dentistry in Japan and throughout the world.

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Angelus is a company whose competitive strategy lies in the systematic innovation through research, development and manufacture of new products.
As a way of protecting the innovation it generates consistently, it files patents, industrial designs, copyright and trademark registrations in Brazil and abroad.
In the event of illegal copies of its products, Angelus exercises its right of defense against infringers, either through legal actions or extrajudicial measures.
Investments in innovation and protection through intellectual property is a way for Angelus to benefit Dentistry, through its suppliers, with exclusive and high-performance products.
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Asa Dental is certainly bucking the trend. In recent years, the company has concentrated its entire production in Italy in the quest for product quality, but also to monitor the entire production chain. Asa Dental’s quality is based on the balance between technology and artisan expertise and only by finding and harnessing Italian excellences can the winning formula be attained.
Production is concentrated in three facilities: Maniago, Marlia and Bozzano. The Maniago plant manufactures laboratory instruments such as articulators, facebows, pliers, diagnostic, restorative and surgical instruments, hand and cutting instruments with extremely high-precision plants and tools.
The Marlia plant produces impression trays, trays, occlusors, in addition to disposable items: dappens, syringes and saliva ejectors.
The facility in Bozzano performs quality tests and product check-ups, finishing processes, removal of process residues, washing and polishing.
The strict standards set forth in Asa Dental’s quality procedures and other control procedures such as the traceability of every individual lot are the best guarantee for customers who choose the company’s products.
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The B.A. handpiece and small equipment features, and benefits allow you, the customer, to create an enjoyable experience with your patient as well as save you time, save you money and be supported by our dedicated export team at the touch of a button.

B.A. is based in the UK and has been around since 1989 as a dental repair house. Over the years, B.A. has grown to be one of the most trusted services and brands in the industry. We now sell to over 50 countries worldwide as well as being Europe’s largest repair house. B.A. International create industry leading products and provide quality services.

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White Dental Beauty is a worldwide dental brand, leading the way with high quality teeth whitening gels and professional composite systems; with different strengths and shades to suit every smile.

Working closely with the world’s most experienced clinicians and key opinion leaders, White Dental Beauty have paved the way for the latest advancements with high quality and clinically reinforced teeth whitening gels and professional CompoSite systems.

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devemed GmbH manufactures high-quality dental instruments for dentistry, implantology and oral surgery – in the world center of medical technology in Neuhausen ob Eck next to Tuttlingen in Germany.

Many years of experience in the field of dentistry as well as the cooperation with renowned speakers enable us to offer our customers a wide and advanced range of instruments as well as the corresponding accessories.

The goal of devemed is to make oral surgeons, dentists and maxillofacial surgeons even more efficient, better and more successful by providing perfectly matched dental instruments

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Newmed – A Midmark Company is the Italian manufacturer of world-renowned sterilizers, famous for their reliability, rapid cycles, and stylish design.

Newmed manufactures high quality serilization system that utilize modern, fast technology for medical, dental, and veterinary practitioners globally.

We work with talented people, who know their local healthcare markets inside out and with a network of highly trained distributors, who are as excited about Newmed as we are.

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